Shipping questions and cost

Do you ship to my country? Yes, I ship to every country in the world.

What is the delivery time? I will process your order right away (same day or next morning depending on arrival time of order), then orders within Europe takes 3-5 working days to arrive depending on local postal service and customs (Switzerland). Packages to outside Europe normally takes 7-10 working days but more then once packages has arrived in Singapore, Japan, Australia and the US within a week, all depends on local customs.

Will I receive a track and trace code to follow my shipment? For large packages above 2kg (sticks and similar)- YES. For large packages less then 2kg a track and trace code is only sent if you pay through invoice or with bank transfer. For smaller packages and envelopes (blades and similar)- NO, reason being that it saves you cost and luckily postal services are very reliable.

What is the shipping cost to my contry? When you do the order you can see the price in the order process. These are the guidelines for what you should be paying.

Stick package fitting up to 4 sticks and accessories: Netherlands 7 eur, Most of Europe 11 eur and countries such as Finland, Latvia and Estonia is 15 eur. Outside of Europe is 11 eur.

Package of 1 blade or similar small package: Netherlands 2.50 eur, Rest of the world 4 eur.

Package of 2 blades or similar small package: Netherlands 3.50 eur, Rest of the world 6.50 eur.

If you want to make a bigger order (3 or more sticks and similar), then please send me a message and we can discuss a discount on the shipping price.

Do I have to pay possible customs cost? Yes- if you live in countries as Switzerland, Singapore, Australia or USA you might be charged with customs costs indeed. However, since I started this company in 2009 I only know of 2 incidents when a customer was charged customs costs so chance is very small that you will have to pay anything.